Monday, March 19, 2007

ISC Creative Architect - Nancy J.

Stamps Used:

The bamboo tiles were originally placemats. They have a bit of a waxy surface so I used Staz-On to stamp the base image, then Sharpies to color in. If you use masking tape to affix the tile temporarily to your work surface it's steadier when you're stamping. I kind of rolled the stamp on, from right to left. If you make a mistake just wipe off with Staz-On cleaner immediately, then swipe with alcohol to remove residue. A spray sealant would probably be a good idea at the end. The only trouble I had was that the Sharpies want to dissolve the Staz-on ink a bit and smear it, but I avoided this by not running over the initial lines - another thing to try would be letting the Staz-On dry all night...And if you buy those larger wooden beads, they are surprisingly easy to stamp with a collage style image, as in the pear neckace. COmments by Nancy J., any questions please feel free to send an email.

stamp sheet used:

to learn how these cards were made pls contact Nancy