Saturday, October 21, 2006

ISC October Happenings!

i know, are you in shock? can't believe it either.....
i've decided to give blog'n a try.....
take a look around...... *new* ISC art-work by celeste s. and sandy w. & much more coming soon!! *WOW* feast your eyes!!

*NEW* ISC Stamp Sheet
plus a new majestic women stamp sheet... gorgeous faces (if i may say so.... lol) take a look!! yes, a must have!! some of the images are ISC fave's with a twist!!
plus, the circle within the circle image, punch a hole through the inner circle attach an eyelet...... can you imagine all the creative possibilities? cannot wait to see your creations!!

oh, various ISC stamp sheets currently on sale....
check out the Embellishments page too!!
plus, you can now order 'individual' bottles of the adirondack alcohol inks! ISC will carry best selling bottles only!

p.s. why such a late newsletter, i'm experiencing major ISP problems .....
thanks for your time!
artfully, -betsy